Before managing business for any women’s football stakeholder you will need to learn to manage something else.

Managing yourself.

Knowing how, when, where and what can be your greatest contribution will be crucial to make a remarkable impact.

Managing oneself means knowing how you perform, learn, your values, strengths and what women’s football needs from you.

As best-selling author Peter Drucker in his book Managing Oneself says, “it takes far less energy to move from first-rate performance to excellence than it does to move from incompetence to mediocrity.”

In my opinion, a highly recommendable and mandatory book for anyone that wants to make any worthy impact.

Drucker suggests defining the following elements:

  1. Your strengths through feedback analysis
  2. How do you perform and learn, it could be either writing, listening, talking, reading, etc.
  3. What are your values at a professional level
  4. Where do you belong in terms of professional field, I guess that sports or women’s football
  5. Your contribution based on what the situation requires, what is the greatest contribution you can make to what needs to be done and what results have to be achieved to make a difference
  6. Be responsible for relationships, clarifying expectations and letting people know how you perform and what are your values

Very good is not enough.

Let’s aim for a fulfilling and insightful change in women’s football.

Job vacancy:

FIFA – Communications Intern

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