Win-win is over.

Often, time, effort and maybe money alters the win-win equation for the final customer or fan.

I could get a 40€ ticket refund if my team loses 0-5 but the time spent and the pain felt at the game would amount a lot more than the ticket price.

Lose-win is the new way through which fans can decide to listen, trust and give our brand a try.

It’s the way of surpassing expectations and leaving a lasting memory through a carefully designed experience.

For instance, getting a free ticket for next game or a meet & greet with the players if the team loses 0-5.

Yes, it can be either financially or economically risky. But, what’s riskier than offering a not truly compensating deal?

Today, it’s safer to risk than to play it safe. If you don’t risk, others will to seduce your followers and fans.

What will be your lose-win investment?

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