Near where I live, there’s a shop that sells cheese, lots of giant pieces of cheese.

Last Saturday, when I was walking by the store I saw a girl that got shocked when she looked at the shop-window. With eyes like pieces of cheese, she exclaimed a big “Oh, my god!”.

Thinking about it on my way back home, I got to the conclusion that that reaction is precisely marketers’ job, generating Oh my gods. Otherwise, we don’t exist and don’t get talked about.

That girl had found a Purple Cow, a product worth talking and making a remark about. Something you can’t escape if it’s made for people like you, in this case, cheese lovers.

Why don’t we look for the same reaction in women’s football fans?
Why don’t we analyse crazy ideas to make our product a Purple Cow?

Here you have 4 crazy ideas:

  • Bring Bruno Mars to perform after the game
  • Give CEOs email to all fans
  • Set a whatsapp number where fans can talk to players
  • Let’s do a big meeting on the pitch with players and fans

How do your fans react when they see you?

Please, don’t ever miss anything from Seth Godin:

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