The more information we have, the most likely is for a sponsor to see common points between brands.

We commonly need to prepare sponsorship proposals to raise revenues to make the show sustainable. It’s important to know who you aim to but also know the tiniest details about your assets.

New technologies and platforms allow us to make a faithful and extremely complete report about areas as social media. Through Influencer Marketing Hub, I have analysed Lieke Martens’ Instagram:

  • She is on the top influencer rankings in the Netherlands
  • Besides the expected presence of Dutch followers, India account for 10% of the fan base and sets at the 2nd position
  • Spain is the third country behind India with a 10%
  • 74% of followers are men, mostly aged between 18 and 34 years old
  • 55% of their fans speak English, Dutch or Spanish
  • The majority of the most popular posts are related to sponsors, chapeau!
  • The Dutch national team and FCB Femení are relevant related-accounts
  • Nike and Zinzi sponsors are also popular throughout her profile

The account analysis demonstrates that Martens, after conquering the Euro and ‘The Best’ trophy, has build a global and football brand rather than becoming just a women’s football icon.

See the full report here.

What does your profile analysis say?

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