Less but bigger partners

It’s a matter of return of time, effort and dedication from the marketing team and others involved. Optimising time and effort, probably the most valuable resources, leads to more profitability in many senses.

When I worked as Marketing Manager for RallyClassics, a motorsports company that organises rallies in Spain, we deeply adopted this approach. The podium was filled with plenty and little-investing sponsors. Likewise, during the event we had to take care of all of them, being the ROI per partners less strong. In the long run, it wasn’t a good way to ensure their satisfaction neither ours.

We decided to show half the brands on the Podium and find other assets for the little-investing sponsors, leaving the Podium with bigger, more powerful and attractive brands to be shown on TV. Our daily efforts were focused on finding one main and title sponsor, and we found it. A local beer company willing to promote its non-alcoholic beer and wanting to be the focus of attention. We dedicated the same time but mostly to one brand that got a tremendously higher ROI and leaving more cash at the end of the month.

It’s simple but not easy, economic necessity leads to sign small sponsors and fill the agenda with all their needs. Having a pre-defined sponsorship pyramid can help us to start from the top towards the bottom without compromising all our efforts.

Big brands attract big brands.

Are you performing as a big or small brand?

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