368 players from 16 different countries in Europe to determine who get the best results in social media and what we can learn from them. With this goal, the research Players and Social Media 2018 has been carried out, from which the following conclusions can be drawn.

  • Rankings of best European players in social media are an accurate indicator of the most developed national markets in the continent. On the one hand, the personal branding strategy carried out by each player is crucial to determine her fan base size. Nevertheless, the amount of followers that clubs, leagues, tournaments, titles or sports results can bring represent a constant-changing formula.
  • England and France are the evident leaders on this ranking, accomplishment that is also present in countries rankings and in the sports performance side. Germany is worth mentioning for its weak relevance in social media, despite being traditionally very strong on the field. On the players’ side, Lieke Martens, awarded as The Best, helped the Netherlands to climb into the top 3 podium of players and countries rankings.
  • A bigger high-quality and attractive posts frequency either on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with more videos, keys from the top 10 players in comparison to the rest. Forwards, 33-38 years old players and, especially, the general use of Instagram platform are also worth pointing our for their good results in social media.

Here you can access to the full research:

Players and Social Media

¿Which players succeed in Social Media and what can we learn from them?

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