Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend, again, the international Barcelona tennis tournament, the 500 ATP Open Banc Sabadell.

It was the first day, where games are not supposed to be very attractive but cool enough for who likes tennis. As you can see in the picture there were not many fans on the stands. Actually, there was a lot more people outside.

The reason? Like a young couple said, “we’ve come here to go for a walk”.

Over years, IMG and Club Tennis Barcelona have successfully converted this tournament in a status opportunity. A place with a high rate of Instagram stories per minute, trendy clothes, fashion shops and private restaurants.

In conclusion, a VIP show around a tennis court.

We can be more or less the target, but we can’t deny that these guys know how to get people around even on the weakest day.

Here is what we can learn about this strategy:

  • Make it shareable. Craft it in a way is worth sharing it in social media.
  • Get the whole family. Appealing for each member of the family multiplies the chance they come.
  • Let partners be exclusive. Let they show off in front of their best clients.
  • Divide status clearly. Give power and exclusivity to who pays for it.
  • Care about the die-hard fans. Remember this is a tennis tournament, tennis fans are the most important ones.

What brand positioning can we give to women’s football?

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