According to the Ticketmaster’s annual State of Play report, 60% of the 12,000 people interviewed in United Kingdom agree that women’s sports are considerably growing, the majority of them from 25 to 34 years old. As the study points out, this young generation is one of the main causes behind rapid growth of sports as women’s football. Despite that just three in ten suggested that they were likely to attend a women’s sporting event in 2019, they are a vital market to take care of.

If, according to Nielsen Sports, we consider that 46% of general sports fans worldwide would watch more women’s sports if they were accessible on free TV and 39% of them would also watch more if they could watch them for free online, there is a rising need we also need to address as sports properties. The same way Netflix and similar platforms have exponentially grown their users to the detriment of traditional cinemas, women’s football should also listen to both live game and digital fans. Different strategies but same goal, entertaining.

Just as we try to increase fan attendance by working on fan experience and quality on the pitch, we shouldn’t forget about those one willing to enjoy from home. Live and interactive press conferences on Facebook or pre-match exclusive content could become powerful magnets for expanding matchday digital experience. Rather than focusing on the ticket or subscription price, we could first put our efforts in collecting interesting data to start a relationship with them. In the long term, much more revenue would come.

UEFA is a good example of leveraging this opportunity. With women’s football as a strategic priority in their 2019-2024 Strategy, the governing body will be the first to have its own streaming service in 2019. “To make football more accessible for fans, all fans across the planet”, the new platform will initially show women’s and youth football games, as well as behind-the-scenes footage.

Same entertaining spirit from one of the most engaged brands worldwide, Nike, having recently launched a new campaign called Dream Crazier. Under the claim, ‘show them what crazy can do’, they seek to attract, inspire and entertain across the digital landscape.

Happy International Women’s Day.

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