Building brand equity is what marketers are for, with an epic tagline and insight.

Yesterday I attended a conference named No Brand, No Future. The speaker was Enric Jové, CEO of McCann Barcelona and CIO of McCann Spain, who has launched endless successful campaigns for brands as Ikea and with athletes as Leo Messi and Rafa Nadal.

The whole speech was built around the idea of carefully crafting, designing and presenting your brand to the world in order to create an experience. That is, giving life to the most valuable asset of your company.

Within a transforming, disruptive or changing era where technology is no longer technology but an integrated part of our lives. Because of this, we need to learn to forget our obsolete marketing learnings to embrace a new and more connected economy and way of doing business.

Here are the most important outcomes:

  • There is no brand without a tagline, and there is no experience without storytelling.
  • A great insight is the most powerful ingredient for a brand.
  • Building brand equity is what marketers are for, with an epic tagline and insight.
  • Start, always, with why. And integrate it to your brand. Simon Sinek is the master of Why, here you can watch his TED Talk.
  • Write a tagline no one can violate, substitute, replicate or eliminate within or without the company.
  • Old businesses made money from minute 0, now we need to provide a worthy experience, through storytelling, to earn it. Brand or die.
  • This is not about positioning anymore but about playing a significant role in people’s lives.
  • It’s not about focusing just on customers but about leaving a mark in the world.
  • Create with a towith That is, involving your customer as much as you can.
  • Media is not the answer, not Google or Facebook. Don’t get addicted to digital marketing and advertising, the answer is what your clients think about you.
  • The key success factor in any relationship is communication.
  • We go from awareness to visibility, from earned media to paid media. We need to pay to be visible, otherwise we don’t exist.
  • Content and, especially, context are everything. Mind where, when and how.
  • Brands only own a 35% of their share of voice, the rest is what customers say about them.
  • The new world is for the braves.
  • Digital platforms have become the medium to reach audiences for brands.

No brand, no future. Your brand is what others say about your brand when you’re not in the room.

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