Women’s football will be a grown-up start-up.

There will be more skilfull players, more resources in clubs’ banks accounts, more media visibility, more sponsors and more fans waiting for the weekend.

It could be my mistake or just my point of view, but as professionals, we could be working daily as if women’s football business was to stay as a blue ocean forever.

  • What if in 5 years’ time someone with 10x more resources, time and energy tries to do specifically what you have planned?
  • What if in 5 years’ time women’s football business requires a set skills and knowledge you haven’t been preparing for?
  • What if in 5 years’ time professionals from men’s football jump into women’s football with a more “profitable” networking?

In women’s football, we are made of effort, connection and creativity.

Anticipating instead of reacting.

Let’s adapt to 5 years’ time changes without losing our essence.

By the way, here you have a brief and cool video about the blue ocean strategy:

Photo credit: UEFA

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