If you have a plan, you know where you are going. If not, you are just posting, not leveraging all your potential and achieving nothing measurable.

Here you have the steps to follow in order to build your social media calendar:

  1. Your brand situation analysis. History, products and services, online and offline strategy, product lifecycle and current online platforms.
  2. Competition situation analysis. Products and services, online and offline strategy, product lifecycle, current online platforms and their content strategy analysis.
  3. Brand positioning. Values, brand perception, brand positioning statement and slogan.
  4. SWOT. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  5. Buyer persona. Target affinity, technology, socio-demographic variables and buyer persona definition.
  6. Goals and KPI’s. Per platform, set main and secondary goals and KPI’s to measure your performance.
  7. Content plan. Define your content areas or territories you are going to talk about and your communication tone per channel.
  8. Communications calendar. Set a plan for your communications, including own and paid posts.
  9. Control. Design a dashboard with your KPI’s to keep on track of your performance.
  10. Budget. Money needed to carry out the plan.

Hope this helps, here you can see some examples applied to FC Barcelona Women:

Women's Football MarketingWomen's Football Marketing

Women's Football MarketingWomen's Football MarketingWomen's Football Marketing

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