The more qualified information we have, the better decisions we make.

To make the best decisions in social media, it’s crucial to know the environment you are in.

I would like to introduce a tool that I use in many projects and that helps me to understand how athletes, clubs or sports industry stakeholders perform in social media. It allows me to access to data which I couldn’t access before, and for free.

You might have heard about it. If not, let me introduce you Social Bakers.

I will show you an example of the results of Alex Morgan in Instagram. Before, let me tell you the most important part from this post:

  • We can all amount tons of data, that doesn’t mean it’s real or truthful
  • Apply Pareto’s Principle 80/20 to focus on the important data
  • Make decisions from your data analysis, otherwise it’s a waste of time

Social Bakers allows you to get information as growth in followers, quantity of posts, evolution of interactions, share of interactions or the ranking of most engaging posts.

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