Email is the permission tool for excellence we can use to grow a healthy and profitable relationship with our fans.

Being anticipated, relevant and personal is vital to make your mail succeed in a world where we just barely pay attention to what our peers have to tell us. The rest goes to the spam inbox.

As you might know, if you operate in Europe with personal data, the new General Data Protection Regulation will affect you. This is what you should be aware of and do before the next May 25th:

  • Current data base contacts. According to the new law, we need the conscious permission of the ones who leave their personal data in order to communicate with them with specific purposes. So, contact them to get their permission.
  • Future data base contacts. We will need to adapt our procedures, forms and systems to collect personal details to contain and make sure people agree on being contacted for those specific purposes.

Here you have an example, the sign-up form of my blog. You will see that new subscribers will have to leave their contact details before ticking the kind of content they want to receive.

Sign-up form

Luckily, Mailchimp has prepared for us a very detailed explanation about the topic and a useful template to adapt to the new law in a matter of minutes.

Mailchimp – GDPR

Hope this helps, don’t miss it, email marketing is crucial!

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