“First of all, I would like to apologize on behalf of the brand for not having understood how important women’s football was until last year”.

Guaraná Antarctica, probably one of the brands with a more profound blend into any country’s culture. Brazil cannot be understood without Guaraná and vice versa.

In the Leadership Woman Football eCongress, Mônica Esperidião, CMO at LWF, moderated a roundtable about the transformation of women’s football in Brazil. The panel counted with Aline Pellegrino, Coordinator of Women’s Competitions at CBF; Eduarda Luizelli, Coordinator of Women’s Teams at CBF; and Pedro Thompson, Marketing Director for Soft Drinks at Ambev.

Shaping the future of women’s football and building a more diverse and inclusive society are some of the main reasons why Visa, Iberdrola, Barclays and, more recently Guaraná, joined the team of game-changing brands.

A global commitment

Like Budweiser, Guaraná acknowledged the insufficient commitment with the women’s game despite haven been an official sponsor of the Brazilian CBF for nineteen years. Everything started to change last year during the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Cristiane, Andressinha and Fabi Simões starred the campaign #CoisaNossa through which the drink claimed the support of more brands by simulating the promotion of other products. The result, selling those set-ups to more than fifteen brands.

Following their investment around the World Cup, Guaraná also decided to commit in the development of the new women’s football project of Club Atlético Mineiro in September 2019. The Brazilian multinational agreed to cover a budget dedicated to part of the human resources needed to start the women’s football area.

Far from becoming isolated activations, earlier this year Guaraná was announced as new official partner of the Campeonato Brasileiro Feminino for the next three years. Only in the first game, Guaraná achieved a return of R$150k (€24k) in organic media impact. “This is real business, we are not an NGO”, explained Pedro Thompson regarding the top-tier domestic league, which registered an audience of 12.8M people last year.

What is next?

Once Guaraná reinforced their contribution across the top-level women’s football through the national team and the league, last month they launched a new campaign addressed to develop the game throughout the young generations and to continue encouraging more partners in women’s football. To do so, the company offered an exclusive space in their cans dedicated to the next sponsors of women’s football.

In 2021, Guaraná will celebrate its one-hundredth anniversary focused on keeping to demonstrate the value of investing in one of the sports with the highest engagement, as well as expanding their visibility by signing a player as a new brand ambassador. Certainly, a strategic year to showcase their best assets given the next Olympic Games in Tokyo.

On and off the pitch, Brazil is untapping a market with huge growth potential for both sports and commercial success. The leading brand in cosmetics, Avon, already leveraged its support to the legend Marta Vieira in France 2019, “we sold a million lipsticks, far beyond our expectations”, according to Avon’s CMO Juliana Barros.

A transformation that creates business, and a business that inspires change.

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