From clients to fans.
From players to ambassadors.
From employees to prescribers.
From sponsors to partners.

We are shifting towards a new collaborative and extreme win-win economy, where individual can make an impact by solving a specific problem in a personal way.

This approach also determines who is successful in sponsorship.

Sponsors willing to just invest money to show a logo are not welcomed or needed anymore. Why? Because they compromise assets for a relationship that will not be profitable.

Sponsors willing to partner in order to solve problems, talk to fans and provide a carefully designed experience are welcome and needed. Why? Because they leverage and revalue assets in a long-term and profitable relationship.

Let’s treat partners in a way they feel proud to associate with our teams, tournaments and athletes.

Let’s treat our teams, tournaments and athletes in a way they feel represented and grateful to our partners.

Do you look for partners or sponsors?

Photo credit: FIFA.com

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