Being part of the story.

That’s how you get your audience to be implicated and active with the idea you represent. Especially in digital, where social media allows immediate virality and impact worldwide.

In order to be successful when spreading your campaign, you should design it in a way that is:

  1. Easy to understand
  2. Easy to participate
  3. Based on an attractive and shared idea
  4. Worthy to be part of
  5. Brave and clear

And that’s what a Brazilian group of women called Grupa did. They are fans of Clube Atlético Mineiro and have a clear goal, fight gender inequality, racism, homophobia and football elitization.

How they do it? Raising awareness for the idea they believe through social media and the hashtag #DeixaElaTorcer, through which girls and women share their experiences in the stadium.

To day, they can’t count how many women are involved in this movement. They started with a Facebook group and, today, they have more than 1,500 posts related in Instagram and countless in Twitter. The activist Brazilian Revista Donna have supported them in sharing their stories.

It can all start with a single twit. Ready?

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