Television programs, interviews, headlines, posts… The media explosion that awakens the fact of a girls team winning a boys league is almost uncontrollable. But, what happens next? How can all these impacts be converted into revenue?

Doing a previous marketing work of identifying, rating and measuring your assets is crucial in order to optimize to the maximum all the media appearances and making a profit from them. One of the firsts tasks I carried out at Nàstic, a Spanish 2nd-division club, was listing and economically valuing each of the advertising spaces which we would aim to sell during the season. From advertising boards and the official kit to brand actions involving the team squad. Over time, we implemented measuring tools which permit us to collect all the information data regarding assets impact.

You might convince a company to sign what is often called a one shot, a clear short-term focused deal to obtain fast and big results. However, do you look for 1 year or for a decade economic stability? AEM Lleida have achieved the highest prize of their category. But it will not be enough for monetizing this success. The day after making history, their managers should put themselves in the potential sponsors shoes, designing an situation where associating their values and tell a valuable story would be profitable in the long run. How?

  • Identifying all the potential assets to be sold
  • Economically valuing the assets considering market expectations
  • Executing emotional fan engagement actions
  • Measuring brand and economic return of investment
  • Reinventing and refining assets from fan and partner perspective

Apparently, all new sponsor signings can be easily celebrated. But, have you ever thought about the opportunity cost of getting a new partner that shares the same vision for years than a shining one shot?

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