Women football clubs economic viability relies on sponsors private investing in the long run. Continue leaving the future in the hands of public institutions which are still suffering from the financial crisis would be a lost bet.

The first 4 teams of the table, At. Madrid Femenino, FC Barcelona, Valencia CF Femenino and Levante Femenino, do not cash in from the front space of their jerseys, one of the most valuable asset for the commercial and marketing department. The rest of the 16 teams that compose the Liga Iberdrola count with visible brands in their t-shirt, from energy firms as Nexus for Fundación Albacete or public entities from Aragón for Zaragoza CFF. Nevertheless, in many cases the excessive presence of sponsors shown in the jersey weakens their individual impact and, consequently, the brand return the partner will obtain at the end of the season.

Keeping a “clean” jersey waiting for a big main sponsor or stamping it with one or several little-investment sponsors? Paradoxically, despite the urgent need of growing revenues, undervalue one of the most potential assets it is not a proper decision neither in the short nor the long term, considering that the jersey would be a poor media reflection about the low quality you could offer to your sponsor. Instead, seeking a global partnership what can be activated in more areas than just brand visibility such as actions involving fans, members, events, social media, employees or social groups, will allow to increase revenues. Furthermore, it will provide an interesting ROI to build a win-to-win relationship. On the department board would be useful to read questions like the following:

  • What percentage of sponsors have we re-signed in the last year?
  • How can I provide more value during more time?
  • Which activation actions are irrelevant and weaken our assets value?

Potential sponsoring brands have the possibility of acquiring undervalued  assets, because most of clubs have few times or never sold them. So, 5 years from now, how many managers will be able to talk about their jersey-sponsors success?

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