In many cases, women’s football doesn’t have big teams of people to operate, yet. Neither huge budgets to launch marketing booms, yet. Neither millions of fans waiting for the weekend to come, yet.

From my point of view, women’s football provides little time compared to all the opportunities and great stuff we want to do. Let’s focus our day to day on what can make a real change instead of what separates us from making it.

  • Let’s prepare customised sponsorship proposals to brands as they were the only companies left in the world.
  • Let’s take care of fans as our club or team depended on them (it does)
  • Let’s tell media about who we truly are and how we want to be remembered
  • Let’s innovate, test and launch campaigns as if no one is paying attention
  • Let’s spend time on leading our clubs, athletes, leagues or agencies to where we want to get

It’s time for creativity, purpose and leadership. It’s show time.

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