Caring about segmented audiences, protect the close atmosphere of women’s football and leveraging mobile-friendly content as entertainment.

Elisa Revuelta shares her top lessons in her solid career as sports journalist with us, having worked in 11 FIFA World Cups. From the U17 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Azerbaijan 2012 until France 2019. As Multimedia Content Manager for FIFA, her day to day is about digital content and social media.

Her most recent project took place last year during the World Cup as FIFA Digital Content Creator in Spain. Besides, Elisa is doctorated in Media and has also worked as a teacher for more than three years.

Here, a summary of her main inputs from the interview:

  • Team Reporters. After tests in men’s tournaments, France 2019 counted with a team reporter allocated to each participant country, reaching a more segmented audience and a growth of 1.1 million followers in FIFA channels since the start of the competition.
  • Mobile entertainment. During the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, a content strategy focused on delivering entertainment and education was successfully implemented. Quality and original videos before, during and after the tournament aimed to build engagement. For instance, live tactical analysis.
  • Areas for improvement. Starting team reporters’ activity before than 2 months from the beginning could have helped to increase digital performance, as well as posting most of the behind-the-scenes content on the exclusive platforms for the Women’s World Cup apart from the general account.
  • Digital product. For clubs and players, it is important to craft a final product on social media, especially a professional product and entertaining pieces of content that can go viral easily. Barcelona was the first women’s team to reach 2M followers on Instagram.
  • Originality and creativity. During her career, Elisa has found in originality, creativity and reaction key pillars for effective digital engagement. Given the current context, Elisa emphasises the need of being different and offering entertaining, giving the example of CD Leganés.
  • Betting on social media. Mentioning the example of the media outlet Futfem.com and its start in 2003, it is clear how social media can represent the ideal partner for women’s football, getting massive audience closer as traditional media have offered scarce coverage of the women’s game.

As a recommendation, Elisa Revuelta shared her interest in reading about the culture surrounding each country that hosts any of the tournaments she works for, as practical advice to understand and telling each reality from a wider context. Key habit to capture the global picture, players, fans and traditions.

In the following interview, in Spanish, you will find how communications worked during 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup and Elisa’s lessons regarding her experience in major sports events:

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