Only 19 days ahead to start a new edition of UEFA Women’s Euro, WEURO 2017. This time, it will be held in the Netherlands with the host team inaugurating the European tournament. It will happen in Utrecht and in front of the Norwegian national team, a game which sold out all its tickets some weeks ago.

From my part, I will be lucky to contribute to the smooth running of the competition. As a volunteer, I will be assisting UEFA’s marketing team located in the town of Breda. In my day to day, I will develop the following tasks to ensure that the marketing area meets expectations:

  • Support sponsorship activations and operations
  • Ensure compliance with established rights for the tournament
  • Backing marketing and commercial areas of the UEFA’s team
WEURO 2017

The schedule will be tight, 7 cities, 9,000 volunteers, more than 25,000 available tickets and a trophy to be chased by all teams. Utrecht, Doetinchem, Rotterdam, Breda, Tilburg, Deventer and Enschede will be the chosen venues, with an average of 17,264 seats per stadium. The rest areas that will complete the volunteering team of WEURO 2017 will be:

  • Ticketing & Accreditation
  • Fanzone
  • Media
  • Bezoekers Service
  • Volunteers management
  • Marketing & Commercial Operations
  • VIP, Hospitality & Ceremonies
  • Match Operations
  • Transport Logistics & Team Services

In parallel to my activity as a UEFA marketing volunteer in WEURO 2017, I will do my best to to analyze the most relevant aspects from a marketing perspective.

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