Why some clubs perform better than others in digital? Why some brands as All Blacks have 80% of their fan base overseas?

There’s not neither a magic formula to achieve that nor a valid answer for everything. Nevertheless, there are some ingredients and principles that can guide your content in order to build a powerful brand. Note: this apply if your fan needs to interact with contact, I don’t think most of Harley Davidson’s disciples have liked Harley’s Facebook posts.

Obviously, in women’s football seems to make sense as digital is the natural habitat for new generations and because many opportunities can be seized in terms of content.

In the following charts, you will see different positioning maps, which analyse where women’s teams of Atlético de Madrid, FC Barcelona, PSG and Arsenal are located regarding social media variables.

  1. More quantity doesn’t lead to more followers. We can see that Arsenal has far more followers than FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid and publishes far less posts. One of the reasons is that gunners have been in social media a lot more years than the Spanish clubs, and that gives them an advantage. Over time, we will see how both strategies perform.
  2. More frequency doesn’t lead to more engagement. Atlético Madrid is the club with the most frequency rate but it’s at the 3rd position in terms of engagement. Frequency alone doesn’t work, but frequency together with relevance and agility is epic.
  3. More videos don’t lead to more engagement. Video is said to become more than 90% of content by 2020. Nowadays, these clubs show that in women’s football video is not everything as Arsenal sets at the 2nd position with barely video content. Again, what kind of videos and when are key to increase engagement with this format.

I invite you to set KPI’s regarding this kind of variables to analyse which ones work best in your context and fans.

How will you adapt to design a more engaging content?

PS. This is the 50th post on this women’s football marketing blog, thank you for trusting my work.


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Women's Football Marketing
Women's Football Marketing
Women's Football Marketing

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