From the moment you know a certain product, service or brand exists until you potentially recommend it after buying it more than once.

That’s the journey that every customer does with any brand:

  1. We know it exists
  2. We listen to its story
  3. We give it a try
  4. We buy again
  5. We recommend it

From Awareness to Advocacy, a sales funnel through which the goal is converting strangers into brand lovers.

Same applies to women’s football, from potential fans to hard-core fans.

The best part? You decide your brand journey based on your story.

For instance:

  1. Awareness: reaching potential fans on social media and lead generation in games
  2. Consideration: nurturing these interested followers with content and season ticket offers
  3. Conversion: earning the trust to have them as actual season ticket holders
  4. Loyalty: giving them even more value than expected to renew each season, hopefully a lot more that what happens on the pitch
  5. Advocacy: providing them reasons and benefits to spread the word throughout their communities

Each part of the funnel is potential value we can give.

Let’s design a journey where the following step becomes irresistible.

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