“Specific, significant moment when something begins to change”. That’s the definition of turning point, what Budweiser has exactly committed to contribute to in favour of women’s football.

After supporting the UWSNT for three decades, Budweiser has recently signed long-term sponsorship deals with the American NWSL and the English Lionesses, extending its impact beyond every four year’s USWNT World Cup performance.

As they stated, it’s about “supporting the game and these athletes every single day, not just every for years”. A partnership that makes them the first official beer of the NWSL, through which the brand acquired the playoffs naming rights, the NWSL Championship, the MVP trophy, and a newly created “Most Valuable Supporter” award for the league’s biggest fan. Besides activating this sponsorship locally with each club, Budweiser will launch an innovative off-season program to train NSWL players in the field of sports business.

On the other hand, the beer company also announced recently this year their partnership with the England Women’s Team. After signing with Lucozade as official hydration partner, the Lionesses secured the support of Budweiser to address the biggest challenges in English women’s football by breaking down social barriers and perceptions and showcasing the game through the visibility of players. Budweiser even promised to give out 100,000 free beers if the Lionesses made it to the World Cup final.

What can we learn from this marketing strategy?

  • Everyday matters, especially when trying to make a long-term impact through consistency and frequency. Even the champions weren’t enough to make the game and athletes grow every single day.
  • Connecting with different stakeholders and markets as the NWSL and the Lionesses provides a global platform to communicate a vision for women’s football, rather than just focusing selling in those countries.
  • 360º activation allows Budweiser to make the most of these partnerships and reaching different generations by leveraging digital platforms, stadium fan experiences, grassroots levels and media channels.

Here you can see some of the sponsorship activations on social media:

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