Only three days to get WEURO 2017 started in the Netherlands. As a Marketing Assistant for the UEFA marketing ream in Breda, I will analyse the tournament’s evolution from a first-hand view and a women’s football marketing perspective. Stay tuned!

My activity will take place at the Rat Verlegh Stadion stadium, where the club NAC Breda hosts its games. The last 2016-17 season, the Dutch club managed to return to the top category, the Eredivisie. With a capacity for 19,000 spectators, the venue was built in 1996. By the passage of several main sponsors, the stadium was named MyCom Stadion and FUJIFILM Stadion. From my point of view, it counts with first division facilities with a special care for the hospitality area. Unlike most Spanish stadiums, one of my main surprises has been finding bars and restaurants on a level below the pitch. Through a few stairs, accredited viewers can go down to the restoration area, leaving much more space in the interior for vip boxes or press areas.

WEURO 2017
On my arrival, one of the first tasks has been the recognition of each area manager as well as the revision of the official documents of the competition. Among them, the marketing area will be responsible for developing the following activities during WEURO 2017.

Advertisement spaces conditioning

The European tournament will be the showcase for all official sponsors. Thus, one of the first actions will be ensuring that all advertising spaces, both inside and outside the stadium, are in perfect conditions. Those which must remain as partners of the Dutch club or those from nearby competitor establishments shall be removed or covered. Therefore, minimizing possible ambush marketing actions

Sponsorship rights implementation

At the same time, the production and setting up team are in charge of the implementation of all supports with their respective designs. From advertising on the UTV, perimeter LED boards, to the backdrop in the press conference room or the welcome signs off the stadium.

Activation planning

Beyond the corresponding branding to be installed in Rat Verlegh Sadion, it will be necessary to coordinate correctly the development of specific promotion actions from sponsorsWhether in or out of the stadium, partners with exclusive contracted rights will also have the opportunity to launch specific campaigns to benefit from WEURO 2017.

A large volume of marketing actions is expected to ensure the maximum return for WEURO sponsors: Adidas, Carlsberg, Coca Cola, Continental, Hisense, KIA, McDonald’s, Socar, Turkish Airlines and Intersport. Over the days and along with my own experience, I hope I will be able to post useful content.

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