As expected, the Women’s World Cup is breaking all records in terms of TV audiences, social media impact and, why not, word of mouth in the street.

Some of the milestones the tournament has reached:

  • 433 million views on FIFA Women’s World Cup channels
  • 82 million video views
  • 2 million more followers on social media
  • +25% increase in interactions with the Team Reporters, comparing to Russia 2018 Men’s World Cup

At a national association level, recent games have also set record TV audiences in many countries. France v Brazil reached the biggest ever FWWC audience in Brazil, through Globo, with a combined audience of 35.245 million (17% of Brazil).

According to the Women’s World Cup observatory by Vert and GlobalWebIndex:

  • Marta was the most mentioned player on Twitter during the first game against Jamaica, she was out due to an injury.
  • 63% of the Twitter users that engaged were women and 34% men, great news in a football market traditionally dominated by men.
  • Marta grew +2M followers on Instagram. Brave, purposeful and vulnerable content rules.
  • Social media messages were considerably bad, “women’s football is terrible” or “women’s football shouldn’t be a sport”. Good job, to be loved you should upset some, especially in this mindset shift.
  • 83% of general Women’s World Cup watchers believe we all should strive for equality. Here we have a powerful insight.

But, what can we do with these numbers?

Considering the fan should be our main priority to build and grow an impactful brand, we should take a look at who is behind these audiences. If the goal is providing a better experience from a club, competition or event perspective, numbers are useless by themselves, we must combine them with qualitative data:

  1. What our fans believe in and how they see the world
  2. What is entertainment for them
  3. What they feel proud of belonging to

Let’s understand what’s behind data and can help us to know and, therefore, design an even better connection with our fans.

By the way, next Monday I will participate in a Women’s Football Marketing workshop at Equal Playing Field, you are more than invited if you pass by Lyon!

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