You can be the cheapest or have a cool product.

You can sell it to everyone or just to a few.

The American academic Michael Porter described how companies pursue competitive advantage across a specific market:

A. By lower costs than its competition.
B. By a differentiated product valued enough to pay more for it.

Likewise, Porter also explained how companies aim to market:

A. By offering its product to everyone.
B. By focusing on selected market segments.

We can see how, FC Barcelona, in 1963, based its marketing strategy for a game against Santos FC on price and on a specific segment, its members (only men, by the way..).

In women’s football, if we try to be the cheapest, there will always be a cheaper alternative. And, in most cases, what could be cheaper than 0€ for a game ticket?

On the other hand, if we try to appeal to all the population as if they were potential fans, we will be forced to send a generalist message that won’t appeal anyone.

So, we need to market women’s football from a differentiation and market segment approach. Making a few ones incredibly happy rather than average feelings to everyone.

Let’s get started.

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