Our worldview defines our thoughts, our thoughts drive our feelings and our feelings lead our actions.

To fight gender inequality, disrespect and bad words we need to change the way we understand women’s football and, ultimately, women in sport.

How can we do that?

Eliminating the beliefs and principles that lead some people to associate pain to women’s football and to feel emotions like shame, inferiority or low self esteem.

With this new campaign #CaleOPreconceito, the Brazilian Corinthians Women team aims to change these perceptions to change behaviour. How? Raising media awareness from the heart of football, the players.

Will this work?

Yes, if they keep up launching campaigns with the same spirit on a consistent and frequent basis, otherwise will be forgotten.

There’s another goal with the campaign, attracting sponsors. That’s more than legitimate but it distances fans from action.

In my opinion, a great campaign in terms of creativity but a weak strategy to achieve a clear goal. My thoughts and questions to Corinthians Women would be:

  • Start defining the target. Is it sponsors or fans?
  • What’s the effective call to action for that target?
  • Is this a one-shot campaign to be forgotten in a while?
  • What’s the constructive message to build upon this situation?

The club also says “we will do this in order to get brands to sponsor the team and cover the bad messages”. Is it brands’ responsibility to reverse these attitudes?

Anyway, that’s another step forward for women’s football, parabéns Corinthians.

Photo credit: clubedecriacao.com.br

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