At Naru Sports, the sports management company who I lead the communications for, we have developed a project focused on creating women athletes’ brands.

From the very first day, we have focused on leveraging an opportunity and solving a problem that can potentially or currently be present in the market. Far from traditional business and marketing plans that pre-established a set of resources, goals and plan for the short, medium and long run, we have adopted a Design Thinking approach. In normal words, letting feedback and customer insights craft our service.

The process is divided into three stages that lead to different tasks considering abstract and concrete phases and customer problem and solution.

In my opinion, the important takeaway here is the importance of building value from customer data and for solving their problem. We knew that women athletes can benefit from building a personal brand from many perspectives. For instance, awareness, income or social impact.

However, the value proposition keeps unfolding itself, especially when nothing much has been done before.

Finally, it’s not a surprise we have to measure, everyone says it. But we don’t do it, and it doesn’t exist if we can’t measure it.

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