Following a successful World Cup in terms of digital, social and media impact, FIFA published a global report about the situation of their member associations regarding women’s football.

On the following charts, you will see some of the most relevant figures. But first, let’s think about what some of these numbers mean:

  • The gap seems to keep growing among the top countries and the rest, with MAs as United States or Germany investing more on the field and on the business side while 24% of them don’t have a women’s football strategy yet.
  • Social media, TV and online streaming are taking responsibility for growing the awareness that the game needs, being 91% of MAs proactive when promoting women’s football. 
  • Women’s football is being used as a social tool to tackle gender issues and empowering communities through sport, 74% of MAs actively work with NGOs to make that happen, particularly with the youngest generations.
  • United States dominates the global ranking of registered players with more than 1.6M athletes, a huge number that the sum of the following 8 countries with the most registered players can’t reach. Wow.

Great news are the top countries, leagues, clubs and players are paving the way for the rest. Participation, competitiveness, awareness, engagement and impact. 

At different scales, there we go.

Women's Football Marketing
Women's Football Marketing

Here you have the full report:
FIFA Women’s Football Member Associations Survey Report 2019

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