This week I’m reading The Effective Executive, a best-seller about getting right things done.

Peter Drucker, the author, details what’s the behaviour and mind-set of highly effective executives.

Women’s football is at a stage when many areas need to grow at the same time, communications, sponsorship, fan loyalty, media, etc. It’s easy to get lost and become an expert at doing unimportant tasks.

Managers that work less, produce more and live better tend to have these characteristics in common:

  • They ask: “What needs to be done?”
  • They ask: “What is right for the company?”
  • They develop action plans
  • They take responsibility for their decisions
  • They take responsibility for communicating
  • They are focused on opportunities rather than problems
  • They run productive meetings
  • They think and say “we” instead of “I”

Different practices that, in order, lead executives to acquire the knowledge they need, convert it into effective action and, finally, ensure that the organisation feel responsible and accountable.

It’s about doing the right thing at the right time.

We become experts at what we repeatedly do, let it be something effective.

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