Listening to a speech done by the International Business Developer at SD Eibar, there are many takeaways we can adopt to implement in women’s football:

  1. Long-term scope. We must focus on long-term relationships with partners from the very beginning. Cultivating a culture where both parties collaborate for a future and solid outcome.
  2. Local approach. Connecting to sponsors from a position where you have knowledge, goals and shared interests within the local market create many valuable synergies.
  3. Connect B2B players. Be part of leagues, tournaments and clubs’ relationships to add value at a B2B level.
  4. Travel to potential international partners’ countries to know and live the culture, expectations and football first-hand.
  5. Share your strategies with media. Let media be part of your department and feel engaged with a strategy aimed to increase everyone’s impact.
  6. Contribute to education and social events of the area of interest of your club or of your sponsors, next generations are the future fans.
  7. Think different and implement ideas like co-workings at the stadium, VIP area for kids or 24h free access to the stadium for season ticket holders.

Traditional football marketing strategies have led endless sponsors to quit.

It’s time to get them back.

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