Imagine you could start improving your national women’s football today. What would you do?

How could you achieve in 6 months what you have planned for 10 years?

Epic questions lead to epic results.

Women’s football can advance from different levels and at many speeds. You decide. Here you have 4 practical decisions to be made to start taking women’s football to the next level:

  1. Get the big clubs in. Manchester United women’s team has recently joined the party. Let’s see if Real Madrid does the same soon. Media impact, top players, sponsors and fan interest multiplies.
  2. Let’s set a minimum salary. National associations and league entities should work to have real professional players. Otherwise the product is not ready to be sold.
  3. Don’t cut marketing. Marketing tends to be the first budget to cut. Let’s design flexible and effective marketing strategies to keep the roll balling, depending mostly on private rather than public investment.
  4. Be proactive with media. If they don’t come, let’s go and look for them. Take care of journalists and make their work easy, they are the first stone to build the path.

We need to work as a team to accomplish it.

One goal at a time.

Photo credit: ManUtd.com

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