We all know about the importance of being present and communicating in the digital environment. Not only existing but letting know that you exist to those who listen in digital channels. Therefore, they must find you, especially when they are doing a search related to your club, competition or brand.

Positioning your brand in search engines like Google is essential to inform users, to take care of your members or to monetize your e-commerce. Santa Teresa CD, 9th placed during last season in the Liga Iberdrola, exemplifies the need for clubs, especially those without a men’s section, to work on their search engines presence. When inserting the keyword “Santa Teresa CD” into Google we obtain 10 results on the first page. It is not until the 4th position and in only one occasion that the Spanish club site appears, apart from showing more site entries from another club, FC Barcelona.

It is obvious that many women’s football clubs are still in a transition phase into the digital field. However, if writing content for the website in the form of news is a standardized habit, why not adopting online tools that progressively provide more visibility to the website? Here are my 4 steps to start working SEO:

  1. Minimum education: fortunately, nowadays there are plenty of educational platforms, mostly free, which provide quality content and tools. Learning what SEO is and generally investigating how to apply it involves little effort in relation to the benefits.
  2. Identifying keywords: detecting those keywords by which your users try to find you in search engines. In the case of clubs it is obvious. However, there may be different audiences whom you want to attract by specific needs whether you are a club or a brand.
  3. Optimizing your content: naturally integrating the presence of these keywords in the recurring content that you publish on your website so that search engines allow you to climb positions.
  4. Promoting internal and external links: interacting in all your digital platforms with media, sponsoring brands, institutions, fans, other clubs, competitions, etc. Having more links to and from other profiles will allow you to increase the reach and improve your web positioning.

It may seem distant, inopportune or low priority. But, when you least expect it, others will have been more agile and the transition into digital will be even more challenging.

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