If there is not money to buy good players, we cannot have a good team and, consequently, we can’t gather lots of fans at the stadium and sponsors run away from us.

Breaking this negative vicious circle is hard. The good news is that if we do it, it is profitable and sustainable. On this post, I would like to describe 4 steps that can help you to design an effective marketing to break this vicious circle:

  1. Look at the mirror. Analyse deeply who you are, who you want to be and what make you different from the rest. Identifying these strengths will allow you to build the story you need to share with the world.
  1. Plan valuable actions. Build an asset strategy (player’s jerseys, branding, TV, digital, events, among others) that ensure a tremendous ROI and, especially, measurable for partners
  1. Offer infinite more value than expected. Like the Spanish club SD Eibar, achieve a 10x ROI for each dollar or euro your sponsor pay. The sponsors will not just renew next season but will be very happy to invest more.
  1. Learn and repeat. Reinvent, improve and propose customised actions to each sponsor experience and adapt them in a constant changing environment.

Focus your assets regarding the benefit they create for each kind of partner in your hierarchy. For instance, assets classified by local or national impact or by offline or digital nature.

In the end, the partnership is a promise between people. Are you ready to compromise and, above all, exceed their expectations?

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