There are many valid models, many ways. In the end, what it matters if you reach your goal following your values and principles.

In marketing, you might hear that the only valid option is to offer a brilliant product that doesn’t need marketing, or following the key points of Canvas model or the traditional way that business schools teach.

If you work in a sports marketing agency, in a club or you are related to the marketing area within sports industry in your day to day, I present you an structure of a sports marketing plan that could be helpful.


  1. Marketing audit. If your work is designing a marketing plan and you need a situation analysis to evaluate the project, an audit is the first step. Get to know their website, social media, sponsors, members, storytelling and revenues, if you have access to them.
  2. Marketing analytics. Both internally and externally, know which elements will affect your plan and what your fans, followers or clients say about you and your product.
  3. Marketing strategy. Obsess about defining your client the most precisely as possible along with the brand positioning you want to be perceived in the market. This stage will be crucial to set your goals.
  4. Marketing operations. Let the adventure of making everything written on paper become real begin. Being able to predict different scenarios will allow you to be more accurate in your adaptability.
Women's Football Marketing

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