Today it’s my women’s football birthday. And today’s post is to say thank you.

One year ago, the answer to the question “where can I have the most fun and make the biggest impact?was women’s football. A fast-growing sport with a huge potential.

From failing to pass a recruitment process for LaLiga in its final stage I became part of the UEFA marketing team at Women’s Euro 2017, I met first-hand the closeness and self-improvement spirit of women’s football. I also learnt that behind an extraordinary event there are even more valuable people.

One year since my first post Connect less but incredibly better.

I’m grateful for all the opportunities that have rewarded the effort, time and risk dedicated. And that is translated to important people that have pushed me to achieve the following ROI:

  • 1 Women’s Euro
  • 1 women’s football camp
  • 3 clients
  • 141 posts in sports marketing
  • 97 posts in women’s football marketing
  • 5 interviews
  • 4 ebooks
  • 96 resources downloads
  • 210 contacts from 23 countries
  • 4 speakings
  • 4 webinars
  • 1 women’s football camp
  • 9,417 web visits

These have been the most read posts:

“We are in the business of quality football and development” 
Lucy Mills, Group Head of Women’s Football for Right to Dream
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“We need to work on the social and educational areas”
Evelina Cabrera, President of the Argentinian Women’s Football Association (AFFAR), ontological coach, football manager, Nike ambassador
Read interview

Analysis Benchmark Top Leagues: sponsors and social media in the 4 top leagues in Europe
Read post

I want to think that even though no one read my content, I would keep writing everyday. Thankfully, I can’t figure it out because there’s always someone reading.

Thank you.

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