Act today, everyday, to obtain the best results tomorrow. Effort, yes, but also positive change.

As sports marketersunderstanding how the different stakeholders in the women’s football industry interact is an obligation, as well as the many existent barriers to achieve disruptive marketing results.

Here are some of the challenges and opportunities to build an strong marketing strategy:

  • Facilitate participation from the base. Improving the structure and process where players can grow upwards the pyramid. Providing tools and resources so the girls, especially in younger categories, can access to women’s teams when they need to make the jump from mixed teams. Work for the base so the new generations can be nurtured in the future.
  • Boost partnerships with media and TV. In Spain, thanks to the deal made by LaLiga, Iberdrola and Mediapro we can watch games every weekend in beIN LaLiga and Gol. Let’s seek media and TV ourselves, to maximise an impact that allow us to attract more brands and fans.
  • Seduce partners and followers. Companies like Iberdrola and Pelayo support the Spanish National Association sponsoring the national team. Let’s leverage unique values in women’s football as purpose and closeness to improve fan experience and, thus, involve more brands to get close to them.

“No one cares about women’s football” or “there aren’t enough girls to create a team.” Let’s start by believing in our possibilities and by restlessly looking for the diffusion, participation and investment that no one will give us.

What will be your main challenge in 2018?

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