¿What opportunities await women’s football in digital marketing?

Yesterday I had the chance to be back at the conferences of 4 Years From Now, is an integrated event and congress that takes place at Fira Barcelona and part of Mobile World Congress. I attended 2 conferences, one about Amazon’s disruptive voice device Alexa and another about digital marketing held by Facebook.

In this post, I would like to share the best I learnt from these speakers:

  1. Video will turn around its structure. While we are used to TV video narrative where we need to wait until the end of the story to know the outcome or main benefit, social media will demand to do the opposite. As videos will be mostly show in news feed, there are 2 vital seconds to impact and catch attention. So, in social media we will need to start with the big part at the beginning to get people to watch our content. 360º, interaction and Virtual Reality are called to be crucial players.
  2. Messaging and chats for business. We are more and more comfortable and “addicted” to apps like Whatsapp. Business, clubs, athletes and women’s football players will have the opportunity to connect directly with fans and followers in a more personalised way. Topics like games, ticketing, merchandising, sponsorship or interviews are potential content to be seen through messaging, being complementary to social media.

 We are moving from large messages for large audiences into multiple messages to multiple audiences.

How will you anticipate future fans’ needs?

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