The game and the fans, the show and the community.

This is what media and brands look after to get a decent ROI from women’s football.

The quality of the game is eventually improving with:

  • Better and more competitive players
  • Top players spreading across the main leagues
  • Higher level in major tournaments

To complete the piece of the puzzle that will make women’s football sustainable and, consequently, professional at all levels, we need to work on the community by:

  • Focusing on our die-hard fans to grow our fan base
  • Leveraging digital channels to reach good quality followers
  • Set systems to provide them more value than expected on and off the field

With the attention of society and a nice game, media will be there.

With an engaged and segmented community and a show in the news, sponsors will join too.

Until we can’t meet these two requirements, sustainability will be waiting.

Here we come.

Photo credit: FIFA Women’s World Cup

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