Women’s football is too seasonal.

In Google, word-of-mouth, TV and bars.

The graph from Google Trends show the searches for women’s soccer, in red, women’s football, in blue and fútbol femenino, in yellow.

Since 2004, 14 years, it has been on the spotlight thanks to major football events like the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the Conmebol Copa América Femenina or the UEFA Women’s Euro.

Isn’t that logic?

Of course, that’s where the most impact has to be at. But, we can’t wait every 2 or 4 years to give epic ROI to fans, sponsors and media. Especially, with 2 of the 3 most spoken languages in the world (the first is Chinese).

United Kingdom leads the searches of the keyword ‘women’s football’, United States and Canada host the markets with more ‘women’s soccer’ searches and Spain and Argentina retains the most searches for ‘fútbol femenino’.

Here you have some ideas to grow a constant impact:

  • Strengthening the promotion of domestic leagues
  • Offering sponsorship packages to break market into specific countries
  • Reaching media partners to increase women’s football brand awareness
  • Launching better and more digital content improved for SEO
  • Provide valuable content in every keyword search
  • Create more tournaments and cups to generate more interest

What would be your suggestions?

Women's Football Marketing

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