From your perspective, aiming to grow business in women’s football, it will be crucial to differentiate your brand.

A different story from an element that can drive attraction, connection and loyalty.

Here you have 8 essential ingredients in women’s football through which you can build upon:

Family-friendly. Women’s football appeals families, leaving a lot of room for family activities on matchdays.

Fairness. The purity of the game provides a sense of sports spirit where football is what matters most.

“Glocal”. Clubs and players can make a strong local impact while embracing the global movement for equality.

Purpose. The goal of making things easier for next generations is a common and pursued legacy.

Sacrifice. Reaching the top entails a story of sacrifice and effort that can inspire fans.

Empowerment. Your brand could provide tools to your environment to improve its situation and opportunities.

Men are teammates. Men’s teams and athletes are compatible, necessary and effective to make a change.

The first. Endless activities and ideas can be done for the first time, you choose how and when.

You will build your essence, your fans will improve it.


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