Perseverance, conviction and optimism.

During Hero Girls Camp we were lucky to welcome Lola Gallardo, Atlético de Madrid and Spanish National Team goalkeeper.

In her contribution, we learnt about the value of persisting and focusing on what one can influence. It wasn’t until her 5th season at Atleti when she won the 1st ever Spanish league for Atlético de Madrid.

A proper story of a sport with more sacrifice, risk and, above all, teamed up by professionals that work to overcome themselves.

After explaining her career as a professional footballer, Lola answered some questions from the camp girls:

How is it like playing in Wanda Metropolitano?

It’s a dream come true. We all want to play in the same stadiums and in front of the same amount of fans as men. This is what we work for everyday, moments like these compensate everything.

Which has been your best moment with Atleti?

Winning the first league after many years of sacrifice and effort was very rewarding. Especially against clubs with more budget and reasons to win as FC Barcelona.

What goal do you set for the future?

Achieving something important with the National Team, for instance, a World Cup or a Euro. Reaching a title worth enough to get people out and celebrate with us.

What goalkeepers do you admire at a national and global scale?

Sandra Paños has always been a reference for me, she’s a great goalkeeper. I have been lucky enough to collect many memories with her at the National Team.

At a global scale, Hope Solo is the goalkeeper we all want to be like.

Do you have any weird routine or habit?

When I go into the pitch, I try to never step on the line, even during the game. I also usually dress up first from the left side.

How is a regular day in the life of a women’s football player?

Men are at a very high level and we are lucky to live from football, at least on a daily basis. We wake up, train and some combine it with studying. We have normal lives.

What player would prefer to not play against?

Jenni Hermoso is a player that can decide a game by herself, she is very unpredictable. She’s one of those players you always want by your side.

What is the level that women’s football can reach?

It’s possible to reach the same level, why not? People already recognises us in the street, step by step we are opening the doors to new generations to live from football.


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