“This isn’t about me anymore”.

This is how Stephanie Labbé described her challenge to be allowed to play in a men’s league after joining the team at pre-season.

The Canadian goalkeeper embodies the story of an athlete who wanted to play with boys to become a faster and stronger footballer. The gender-based league where she was about to compete told her she wasn’t allowed to.

What seemed a defeat turned into a victory when many girls and their parents took it as a reference to play regardless of rules, opinions or preconception.

That’s the most powerful marketing an athlete can do, taking action based on their beliefs.

Imagine having more “Stephanies Labbé” around the world to empower more parents and daughters and enjoy football.

Brands, fans and media will inevitably connect and engage to a story that makes a positive impact on their community.

This isn’t about you anymore.

Read the full letter from Stephanie Labbé here.

Photo credit: Brad Smith/ISIPHOTOS.COM

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