Most things we can think of seemed weird at the beginning. Did you ever imagine:

  • Drones giving away pizza in a venue?
  • Giving a branded name to a stadium?
  • Blind women playing football?
  • Talking to a player in one click through social media?
  • Promoting a car inside a stadium?

Crazy ideas at the beginning that become normal over time. Adopting this approached has helped me to try new things and, if finally not launched, it has helped me to find an middle point where the idea fitted great.

For instance, creating a local grandmothers’ football team in Lithuania, as UEFA #EqualGame campaign shows. It’s never too late to write your rules.

My suggestion, dedicating 10’ a day to write on a white piece of paper whatever comes to your mind. Then connect it and, if sounds epic, write 3 immediate steps to get started next to it.

As Phil Knight, Nike founder says, “let everyone else call your idea crazy. Just keep going, just don’t stop.”

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