Many of us want to push for equality through sport. Many of us believe in the power of women’s football to build a better society. But, how authentic are you being to your beliefs, worldview and closest environment?

In my opinion, that’s the hard and exciting part, changing what matters to you being loyal to your reality.

And that’s exactly what our fellows at FC Nordsjælland told with their inspiring video for the International Women’s Day. They have built a genuine story out from what they do for women’s football. Along with their Right to Dream foundation in Ghana, they are a non-profit making group that invests all profits into the academies.

In order to design your message from the impact you want to make in your environment, here is what you can do:

  1. Define who it is you want to help
  2. Find how your worldview matches theirs
  3. Provide a clear and worthy benefit

In the following video you can watch the campaign “We Love Women’s Football”:

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