On the International Women’s Day, I had the chance to attend the It’s football, and it’s women’s seminar that took place at FC Barcelona. A constructive and encouraging event that the club organised to give women’s football more visibility.

In this post, I would like to share the main insights discussed at 1899 auditorium. Players, managers, coaches, journalists, board members and doctors were present on stage to share their worldview about women’s football.

The captains of the first team Laura Ràfols and Marta Unzué, who have been playing for the club for more than 10 years, highlighted the differences they have experienced, both on and off the field:

“You couldn’t imagine how things have changed”
“Our football has evolved so much, now is more technical and tactical”
“We didn’t have a goalkeepers’ coach for 7 years”
“Today, people recognise us, asking us for autographs or pictures”
“The next challenge is having a 100% professional league”

On the other hand, Ernesto Valverde and Fran Sánchez, first coaches of the men’s and women’s team respectively, were also actively involved in the seminar:

“We need a stronger youth team structure to ensure girls can reach the top.”
“Women’s and men’s football so much in common”
“Attend a women’s football game before saying is not good enough, you will even end coming back”
“Open doors trainings could be a good idea to increase fan engagement”
“Letting the women’s team play at Camp Nou could be useful to give the team higher visibility”

Photo: FC Barcelona

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