No one will show more interest about your brand than you.

Out of all Liga Iberdrola clubs, just 3 of them sell their women’s team shirt online. Athletic Bilbao, Atlético de Madrid and Sporting Huelva are the only ones from all 16 teams, this means hardly 20%.

Clubs as Sevilla don’t even have a special size for women and Rayo Vallecano don’t dedicate any exclusive space for their women’s team on their website.

It’s easy to notice when you compare sponsors or league badges from men’s and women’s shirt.

It could be a matter of time, licences or potential revenues, every club can have its own reason. But, 3 of them are already making their fans happier when they attend to games and, obviously, making some money now and in the future.

Women’s football players have become the new role models and references for young generations of girls and boys. They want to behave, play and dress like them.

Let’s care more than anyone about our brand, letting our fans be the core of our decision-making.

You can check the shirts here:

Athletic Bilbao
Atlético de Madrid
Sporting Huelva

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