Women’s football is still a sport where numbers about money are hard to find. And when you do, you don’t know if you can trust them.

It’s even more common in clubs with women’s and men’s teams, as they commonly don’t won’t to show the big salary differences.

On the other hand, there are many variables that take place that make interpretation a bit more difficult. For instance, aggregate bonuses to players’ salaries or fiscal advantages for sponsors in numbers.

However, we still have to consider numbers to make decisions and follow our intuition when data is not clear enough. According to TSM Sportz, here are the highest-paid women footballers in 2018, regarding clubs’ salaries and excluding marketing endorsement:

Source: TSM Sportz

Access here to the complete list: World’s Highest-Paid Women Footballers 2018

*Currently, Alex Morgan plays for Orlando Pride, where she probably earns as much as in Lyon


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