We want to attract sponsors for the jersey, stadium and social media.
We want to fill 70% of the stadium capacity on average on matchday.
We want to sell season tickets to at least 5,000 fans.
We want to sell out all the merchandising stock of the season.
We want to reach 1,000,000 people through media partners.
We want to reach 500,000 aggregate followers on social media.

How can we do it?

Go micro. One by one.

Make the current sponsors you may have the most satisfied in the industry, they will not only want to extend the partnership but will tell other brands.

Provide a breath-taking experience to a family during a matchday and they will tell their friends.

Improve the perception about buying a season ticket with your story and consistency on matchday and fans will bring fans.

Focus on designing a great merchandising supported by the club philosophy consistently shown on and off the field.

Treat media partners as if they were employees and give them a lot more than expected, they will happily boost your media impact.

Discover how to engage with a single follower on social media and the rest will ask her what is it so interesting about you.

As the author Kevin Kelly says, just 1,000 true fans are needed to make a living or a success from your passion.

What’s your magic to get 1,000 true fans?

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